How long does it take to close a reverse mortgage?

Liberty’s average processing time, from start to finish, is 30 days. However, processing time can vary based on the circumstances of the particular loan.

How do I get paid on the loans I close?

You are paid directly out of escrow when the loan closes.

How do I market for reverse mortgage business?

The same way you generate your regular business. Your database and personal network is the best place to start. If you don’t have many 62-year-old borrowers, don’t worry. Your younger borrowers have parents and grandparents. Get creative and call your Lender Support Manager to be connected to our marketing experts.

Is there a broker agreement?

Yes, the Wholesale program requires a traditional broker agreement available in the Partner With Us page.

How do I calculate the total loan amount?

Once you’re an approved partner, you’ll have access to our online Reverse Calculator. This is where you go to generate your quote package and create your good faith estimate. To help satisfy safe harbor, you’ll also find the lowest rate and lowest fee are automatically included. Using the Reverse Calculator, you can select the loan options you want to compare and can even add competitor rates to include in the comparison.

How are interest rates calculated?

We email rates weekly to all Liberty business partners.

I have a lead – where do I start?

Go to the Partner With Us page.