Hear from some of our trusted business partners how Liberty has helped them grow their business.




Industry-Leading Portal

"Why would I stick with a lender for eleven years? Primarily the reason is service. I’ve tried other lenders but I keep going back to Liberty for several reasons. One, is they have the best PORTAL I’ve ever seen. I need something that is friendly and easy-to-use and Liberty’s PORTAL can do everything I need to do in a couple of minutes. Two, is my partnership with my team. My account executive is the most organized, most knowledgeable and most responsive AE I’ve ever seen. It makes my work easier and it benefits my senior clients with their reverse mortgages. Liberty goes the extra mile to get the job done."
- Jerry Congdon, Loan Officer, Inland Loan Mortgage

Superior Pricing

"We’ve been very happy with Liberty Reverse Mortgage, and they are our one of our preferred go-to companies. One of the key things with Liberty is the service level has been outstanding. Our account executive is very service-oriented and has been working very well with our loan processors for ten years. We have a tremendous relationship with all their underwriters and due to the long-term relationships, we can call upper-management and get issues resolved. The pricing Liberty offers is extremely competitive and the premium pricing available to us is typically ahead of the rest of the industry."
- Mario Quintero, President, Strock and Tanner

Exemplary Service

"We've been doing business with Liberty for over 13 years and have been very happy with them. We absolutely love the portal, particularly when an appraisal comes in at a different number than we anticipated and we can instantly change that and get the new number to clients. The other thing we love has been the people. The pipeline manager has always been consistent and someone who can give us great feedback. The three main underwriters that work with our files are extremely knowledgeable, easy-to-reach and can answer questions about loan scenarios right away. The technology, the people, the pricing and how easy it is to deal with the Portal are the reasons why Liberty has been a friend of ours for a long time, and why we’re a friend with Liberty."
- Mike Burton, Slade Mortgage Group