Our Service Commitment

At Liberty, our goal is to deliver exceptional service to our business partners and their customers. Count on us to provide the highest level of service, integrity and personal care.

Dependable, Consistent Underwriting… For All Of Your Loans

Our goal is to provide clear and complete underwriting approvals in 24-72 hours, no matter how complex your file.

Live Customer Support

When you have questions and need to talk with a live person, our seasoned teams are easy to reach, understand your local market needs, and work with you on a one-to-one basis to close your loans.

Easy Loan Tracking with Real-time Status Updates

We will deliver on-going communications with our partners so that you can always know where your loan file stands. We provide a user-friendly loan origination system that lets you review and manage your loan files online and in real time.

Loan Scenario Desk

We offer a new Loan Scenario Desk where dedicated loan scenario experts can provide rapid response to help you resolve underwriting questions including your complex loan scenarios.

Knowledge and Service Expertise

We provide customized solutions and one-to-one support that helps make a difference to your business. Every broker partner will now get a dedicated loan service specialist who is responsible for managing the successful closing of your loan from file submission to funding.